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    Monday, April 10, 2017   /   by Yamilet Berlingeri

    The Home Buying Process

    Choose a Texas REALTOR®

    Decide What You Want
    Before you start looking, make a list of what you want. Then assign each item a priority.

    Know What You Can Afford (Get Pre-qualified)

    Before you start looking at homes, Contact a Mortgage Lender. (Get Pre-qualified)

    Make an Offer You’ve figured out your home-search criteria and what you can afford. Now find a house and make an offer. 

    Secure Financing Unless you’re paying cash for the home, you’ll need a loan. Keep in mind the true price of financing goes beyond the interest rate alone.  

    Close the Deal After weeks or even months of research and decision-making, you close the transaction, usually at the title company's office.

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    Wednesday, April 27, 2016   /   by Tess Lucas

    Think you cant affort to buy a home? Think again

    Did you have a bad credit event in recent years? Do you have less than two years in the same career field? Is your monthly income less than three times your proposed payment? Fear not, when your financial picture doesn't fit neatly into the box, you may still qualify with some lenders. Here's how.
    When you apply for a mortgage, lenders use four pillars to measure your finances and put together a loan suited to your purpose. Your credit, debt, income and assets play integral equalroles in lenders' eyes. Let's break down the nuts and bolts of what lenders want to see on loan applications, and how working within these four pillars may help you find a mortgage to suit you, even if your situation isn't "perfect."
    The credit score is the best-known financial barometer to predict a borrower's future likelihood of default. Of course, you're not planning to get a mortgage to subsequently go delinquent, but lenders nevertheless use it to measure your payment predictability. Lender ...

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    Monday, April 11, 2016   /   by Rose Scott

    Home Buying Commandments 1: Thou Shall Not Stop Paying [Your] Bills

    When considering purchasing your first home, one thing you have to stay consistent with is paying your bills. There are a plethora of responsibilities that goes into not only purchasing a home, but maintaining it as well. If using a conventional loan to purchase your home is the route you have chosen, understand that lenders will take a nice little peak at your financial background, a.k.a your credit score. From bank statements, late fees, or recent credit inquiries, they are interested in your trustworthiness to repay the loan. There’s a famous saying that goes like this, “Actions speak louder than words.” In this case, paying your bills speaks volumes about your character. Granted there will be instances in which circumstances will arise that will leave you wondering, “Do I pay this bill right now, or do I wait?“ Often times most people neglect responsibilities for what they want, or they may have under prioritized a specifi ...

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    Saturday, April 02, 2016   /   by Tess Lucas

    Purchasing a Home can be a Scary Process.

    Hello Everyone,

    The home buying process can be both stressful and an exciting time. But to ever potential homeowner, buying a home will come with some apprehension. It is normal to have questions:

    1. Is this the best time to buy a home.

    2.Can I change my mind if I decide not to buy.

    3. Can I trust that the Realtor is being completely honest.

    4. Is my Real Estate agent working for me for the seller. 

    5. Do I have the right to consult an attorney if I don't  understand the sales contract. 

    6. How much money would I have to put down on the sale of the home.

    Do not worry, these are all valid questions, and you are not crazy to feel uncomfortable about the whole process.
    Follow my blog and I will not only put your minds at ease I will try to turn you into a well informed buyer or seller.

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    Tuesday, July 21, 2015   /   by Rose Scott

    Home Owner Tips Part 4

    Hello everyone! It’s that time again; and yes I’m still on this kick about tips for a home owner. We will try touch on at four things very briefly today -- if possible. We are still looking at the article from USAA Magazine.

           Make sure to not place yourself in a predicament in which you would have touch your retirement assets to purchase, maintain or renovate your home. It would be wise to consider if you have to do so, then you have stretched yourself thin. In order to avoid that, plan ahead at least six months in advance.
           Double check all personal documents. Updating life insurance and other estate planning documents ought to be considered extremely vital when it comes to purchasing a home. Just something to ponder before you go head first into a new venture.
          Getting a home warranty is just a important. If there wasn’t any sort of discussing surrounding gett ...

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